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hi! this is where i share album reviews... specifically for video game osts.

citizen sleeper

one of my all time favorites. this album's got such good textures it makes me lose my mind


oneshot is genuinely one of the best games i've played, and its ost is so fucking good. i love the – and i don't want to put this badly – simplicity of it? it meshes in so well with the game's atmosphere & it drives in the emotions so much harder than a "professional" soundtrack has ever done for me. "silverpoint" fucks me up soooo bad. "pretty bad" fucks me up soooo bad. "niko and the world machine", "i'm here", & "self contained universe" all fuck me up soooo bad. solstice's ost doesn't lose any of what makes oneshot's ost good and i'm so thankful for that. "in memory"... god.