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some tunes i made in beepbox... only the good ones, though.

space cafe

[feb 4, 2023]
theme of hypothetical out-of-bounds cafe in someone else's video game. very space and stars. lessons learned here: i should use synthy sounds more often.

unnamed battle theme

[jan 28, 2023]


[jan 15, 2023]
a fun little tune for a neocities thing.

shattering glass

[jan 8, 2023]
a demo for a track from outward. still want to add on to this a bit more

city spectres

[nov 28, 2022]
hi this is the opening track from outward. i liked it so it is here now

ballroom you slowly realize is actually full of ghosts

[nov 10, 2022]

first snow

[oct 22, 2022]

darkness falls (cover)

[oct 16, 2022]
(aka me figuring out how to customize instruments)

carnival blues

[sep 25, 2022]


[sep 22, 2022]
(i wanted to make a pokemon battle-style thing... it's not really pk-style but it sure is a battle theme!) (also a fair warning on descent and encounter... don't play them with the volume all the way up.)


[aug 7, 2022]


[aug 5, 2022]


[feb 18, 2022]
this is the earliest recorded thing i have, made in garageband! funky!