What is the Magnus Archives?

The Magnus Archives is a horror-mystery fiction podcast. After the mysterious death of his predecessor, the Magnus Institute's newly appointed head archivist Jonathan Sims finds the Institute's archive, to his dismay, in a state of complete disarray. He begins the task of digitizing and refiling the archive's seemingly infinite statements—testimonies regarding encounters with the supernatural—the only way he can: one at a time. However, as he begins to tackle the mess of scattered files with the help of his assistants, they realize that the statements all seem to lead back into each other—as the episodes progress and loose threads begin to converge, the archivist and his assistants find themselves caught, like so many flies, in a vast web of conspiracy and unknowable forces stretching down into the heart of the archive itself.

What's it like?

Short answer: fantastic! Listen ‼️

Long answer: Each episode is a short horror story, typically around 15-20 minutes long. The podcast is split into 5 seasons, with 40 episodes each. It's a slow burn, and things only start explicitly connecting around episode 20-ish. It starts off with heavy statement-based mystery, and gradually leans into more of an audio drama format later on.