voice training is really hard

sorry for all the inactivity lately... i've been really wrapped up in life & working on other things!

i've (rather unwisely) started another godot project. or started coding a project that was already rolling around in my head. it's a dreamlike psychedelic isometric strategy rpg... thingy. it's very much a background project for whenever i don't feel like working on cat comic, but feel free to check it out on my github once it reaches a playable-ish state. or now. oh BTW i have a github now! mart inspired me (psps look at her awesome greg rpg!!). i think i'll be using it to upload little webapp demos i am inspired to make sometimes.

the project in question

it's been a nice diversion from cat comic, on which progress has been going smoothly BTW! i've moved my notes from my little notepad to a proper notebook (big step!). its very cute its light blue with a little yellow bird peeking out from the bottom of the cover... thematically relevant and also matches cat comic colors! i wanna find/make some cool stickers to fill up the cover.

unfortunately though i think progress on all fronts might be slowing down now. at least it will if i know what's good for me. now that my college stuff is all figured out (congratulations me!!) i need to focus on finishing my senior project so i can actually get my diploma!

the timing of this all sucks though becaues the year is heading into winter and my energy levels have started to really slip. i hope my grades don't follow...