april 15th, 2023 school stuff, that project, and ideas

third quarter of the school year: done. and i got really good grades, which i am happy about. all a's and a-'s!

honestly, looking over some of these classes i absolutely do not deserve an a. all i do in history class is doodle and half-pay attention. i'm convinced half of these grades are just because i fit the nerd stereotype (as in, socially reserved and not stupid? i guess?) and teachers are filling in the blank space with grand intelligence. i'm sorry to break it to you bud i am dumb as fuck.


still working on that project i mentioned in the last entry. progress has definitely slowed quite a bit since i am mostly working on content now (which is so much harder than just coding). but it is still going! which i am happy about! cannot recommend working on smaller stuff enough because you hit milestones much quicker and you have an end goal in mind. makes you feel much more secure.

A screenshot of a Godot project. In the middle, there is a pixelart sprite of a professionally-dressed woman with braided hair, glasses, and a clipboard. She is floating a few inches off the ground and is slightly transparent. Two collision boxes are visible. who's this lady?

also news. i drew one (1) quick doodle of a little cat man. and now... hm. <-- plagued by Thoughts and Ideas

A drawing of an anthropomorphic black cat with a large orange spot dressed in a light teal sweater, looking over their shoulder with wide, terrified eyes. The background is bright red, and there is a green-tinged shadow over their eyes.

i'm already working on something though... maybe i will come back to said Thoughts and Ideas later. it's good to give them a little time to simmer anyway.