ruminations on the nature of web-blogging

april 10th, 2023 web-blogging & april 13th

this isn't my diary. i already have a little text file where i like to write about my day and how i'm feeling. if you don't already have one, i cannot recommend it enough, both to actually realize how you feel over long intervals of time but also to organize and sort through your thoughts. but what i'm getting at is that i already have a diary, and that's why i didn't originally plan on putting this page back up, right?

in the past, i've had quite a few issues with this blog. sitting down to write a post kind of felt like a hassle. i had to have a list of things i wanted to talk about, and that list needed to be long enough to justify posting the blog entry, and it needed to look presentable and have an interconnected flow of topics, and so on and so forth. the issue being that i was writing it more like a public diary than a blog. i've chosen to put this page back up because i reconsidered that perspective!

so. patch notes for blog 2.0: (said while gripping the sink, water dripping down my face, staring intensely into the mirror, shaking, sobbing, etc.)

TOPIC SWITCH!! do you know what day it is in three (3) days. it is the day i go insane. in case you don't know, april 13th is homestuck day! the day the comic started, and ended! it's always nice to hang around on tumblr during that time because THERE IS SO MUCH COOL ART being circulated!! and although that is reason enough to be excited, that is not all. hardcore june fans will know i am a huge fan of the internet-based speculative fiction story What Football Will Look Like In The Future, often simply referred to as 17776. if you've paid attention to my about page, you'll know that the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer space probe (JUICE), one of 17776's three protagonists, is in fact a very real space probe, and is being launched on APRIL 13TH, THIS YEAR. on homestuck day! and suffice it to say i am QUITE EXCITED!!

juice's launch is being livestreamed too... but the stream is scheduled to start during a dentist appointment (which i have already delayed once (on account of being exhausted)). hopefully i will be able to catch some of it...

shoutout to homestuck and 17776 fans. hope you will join me in going insane this bountiful thursday.