hi i'm doing this again

april 9th, 2023 site design, projects, & hades

Hi! Welcome (back?) to the new and improved blog page!

How do you like the new designs so far? I've been trying to not overuse pixelart anymore, because while it looks very-a nice in moderation, I really like mixing it with more high-def shapes. I still think the homepage is missing something, but I'm not quite sure what yet. I'll keep you updated, I suppose. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the blog page. The background is random, BTW — try refreshing!

Sorry I took such a long break from the site. I've been working pretty non-stop on a project that you might see in either a few weeks or a few months, ha. After a brief episode of utter dread over wasting so many hours with nothing to show for it, I've taken a break from some other stuff to work on a smaller project. You'll see what it is eventually, but it's now in a good enough state (what I am calling "borderline playable") that I'm comfortable acknowledging it publically.

An isometric pixelart pinboard. woah they put misc page from junery.neocities.org in this thing?

Hey I've been playing a lot of Hades. It is such a good god damn video game! It's a roguelite where you play as a god named Zagreus escaping from the Underworld and from his unloving father, Hades. I'm normally not really into roguelikes/lites, but Hades gives you such a good feeling of progression that I've already sunk (checks notes) 52 hours into it.

A large part of it, I think, is due to the fact that the game is constantly reacting to and commenting on what you do. Nothing feels wasted! Hypnos makes fun of you for dying to easy enemies, Achilles motivates you when you die right before reaching the surface, and on and on and on. There's so many of these little micro-interactions that make the game feel so alive! One of the bosses in randomized per-run, and before facing them Zagreus will try to guess which one it is and then complain when he gets it wrong! Ahhh!

I love when Zagreus gets angry, too, because you can really feel it. All of the voice acting is really well done. The music is really damn good. And the story... aagh. Orpheus is going to make me tear my heart out. And Achilles too. And most characters, honestly.

A screenshot of the video game Hades, taken in an ornate palace area. Several spirits are clustered together in a corner, with a dialogue box reading: "My only regret is not learning how to dodge spears." Below, it says: "Cause of Death: Impalement."

good video game. :tumbs_up: