welcome to the beepbox webring!

what is this?

this is a webring for anyone who makes music using beepbox, jummbox, or any other beepbox derivative! this webring is only open to people with personal websites, though.

what are the rules?

great question! there are three of them:

i do reserve the right to not let you join for whatever reason. don't worry, if you're not a huge asshole or something, this won't happen.

how do i join?

reviewed the rules? great! send an email with your site url to "crowsthyme@gmail.com" with the subject line "beepbox webring"!

then just be patient and i'll add you when i have time!

i'm in the webring—now what?

congratulations! if you haven't already, choose a widget and put it on your site:

song widget

this site is part of the beepbox webring!

copy the widget code using the button below: (paste a beepbox/etc. song player link in the textbox first, though)

paste that HTML wherever you want your widget to be, and then include this stylesheet link somewhere in that page's <head> tag:

button widget

copy the widget code using the button below:

and voilá! you're an official part of the webring! happy jamming :3

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